pi land ranchAn Unhappy Adventure for Pe'a!

A man who came to the shelter one day and shall remain nameless adopted Pe’a, I was overjoyed for her to finally have her own home where she would be spoiled and allowed to sleep on the bed and everything!  The man who adopted her took her to the North Spit the very next morning after picking her up and let her off her leash.  She promptly ran away from him not knowing him very well and certainly not being used to being with him.  We got a phone call from the man on Memorial day, the day she ran away near the North Spit Boat Launch.   We spent a few hours that evening looking for her until it got dark.  We returned the next day for 5 1/2 hours!  It was a 45 minute, 30 mile drive for us from Coquille!  That Thursday after taking a break on Wednesday, I took flyers out and posted them and spoke to people there at the new mill as well as at the North Spit Boat Launch.   Friday, Robert, went looking for her again, early before I went to the shelter.  We didn’t return during the weekend but received a telephone call on Monday from the shelter.  The Martins, hosts at the North Spit Boat Launch had spotted her in the parking lot, Saturday and Sunday evenings!!! 

I immediately called the Martins and confirmed they had indeed seen Pe’a.  I loaded up MaxEE, Duckee, and Hiva, in the truck with me.  We drove out to the North Spit Boat Launch and spent the afternoon evening.  We stayed until dark, almost 10:00p.m.  Giving up for the day I drove home so the dogs with me could have their dinner and a rest although we had a chicken picnic in the parking lot hoping to entice Pe’a, if she was somewhere nearby.  Around midnight the phone rang it was the Martins, Pe’a was in the parking lot right then!  I got out there as fast as I could but it took me 45 minutes and by the time I arrived she was not around.  I stayed an hour hoping she would show up but to no avail.   Once more I headed home empty handed, I had been so very hopeful after learning she had been spotted the previous two nights, I thought to myself, “the third time’s the charm.”  But it was not to be.  At 6:30 in the morning the phone rang and woke me up.  It was the Martins again apologizing for calling me so early but wanting to let me know as soon as possible that they had grabbed Pe’a when she came close enough to get a bite of their dogs food out of the bowl they offered her.  She was now in their shed with a heat lamp to warm her up as it had been raining.  Robert said he would drive out to get her and that I could go back to bed if I wanted but there were too many things to do and then people to call and let know we got her back.  Thank you so much to all those who were rooting for her to get back home to us.  She was able to spend her second birthday with us and her two sisters.

The good news for Pe’a is that Robert says she has earned the right to be a ‘Pi’.  After being lost for just over a week and being covered in ticks when we got her home, she has earned her Pi status!  She will reside with us for the rest of her life!  We are so glad to have her safely back home where she belongs!


By the way after we bathed Pe’a and picked a bunch of ticks off of her, I dosed her with Revolution (Selamectin).  Two days later there were no more ticks on her at all whatsoever!  It really works!!!


Unfortunately, we received a sister of Pe’a back, just before their birthday.  Sammy, used to be called Doll Face.  She looks just like Hiva only heavier.  However she is on a diet and is losing weight with getting more exercise.  We haven’t had any problems with Sammy, after the initial ‘settling in’ period.  It doesn’t happen overnight you have to give them a few days or even a week or so.  There are some cases that even take longer!    With Zeus it has taken years!  Anyway here are some pictures of Sammy. 

Here are some pictures of Hiva too, and some of Pe’a and Hiva playing together.  You can see the difference in Sammy and Hiva.  Sammy is wider, but Pe’a is the one who was called ‘wide load’ as a puppy!