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Trying to help the animals who have no way to help themselves!pi land ranch
pi land ranch

March 10, 2006

Here are pictures of the yard and dogs playing in the snow on Friday morning, March 10th.  You can see how dark the sky is in the background in the third picture from the bottom in the middle.  The dogs had as much fun as we did and then some!  Its even actually snowing in the two pictures in the middle at the bottom.  My feet and hands were frozen but it was worth it!  Max didn’t mind sitting or laying in the snow as you can see!  We visited our neighbors that morning and saw them feed the raccoons while it was snowing too.  There’s a picture of a raccoon on this page too!

Above are the caves the dogs have dug in the yard.

Above are dog prints in the snow, can you tell which ones are Max’s?