Well Happy Halloween to one and all!† Hope you enjoy these pictures.† Iím running out of stuff to say here.† This Circee picture is from the previous time when only Circee, Zeus and Max went to the beach for only 1/2 an hour.† They got to split an ice cream!† Circee bites it the boys just lick it.

The picture to the left of Max was just too funny!† I had to blow it up.† He is such a floppy boy!† His tongue flops out of his mouth and his ear is flapping here too!† He loves to run on the beach and you would never know heís missing 1 and a 1/2 feet. As you can see in the pictures he loves to run on the beach as much as the other dogs.† They all just smile and smile when we go to the beach, I canít wait to go again!† Iíve got a couple of offers to go with me next time though so Iíll have a little help besides Zeus and his backpack.† It was a beautiful day too!† We were so lucky to go on that day but we just had to get out so I went not caring about the weather.

Here are more pictures of the trip to the beach.† As you can see Peía went in the water, Circee went in the water, Hiva and Zeus waded in the water but Max only went to the water line.† He wouldnít go any farther.† We did bring back 5 of 6 tennis balls we took with us thatís pretty good!

The picture above was taken on 7 devils road on the way to Charleston for the Feral Cat Coalition Clinic.† You can barely see the ocean in the distance.† What a beautiful view!† The picture to the right was taken in the backyard.† You can see the moon rising above the tree tops, at sunset.† The Feral Cat Coalition Clinic fixed 97 cats in one day!†

As you can see, Itchy cat and Peeper love cuddling up with the dogs.† Itchy is very comfortable with the dogs and I think sometimes she thinks she is a dog!† Then there is Whitee and Tommee in the basket hugging each other witih Shadow looking on.† Whitee and Shadow are our two largest cats!† Tommee isnít too far behind though.† My birthday cake, was chocolate cake with custard filling and chocolate frosting!† YUMMY!† Check out these pictures of the cats room.† Its always being rearranged but most is the same.† They do have two windows with lots of kitty beds!

Here are pictures of the trip I took to the beach with 5 dogs!† It was WONDERFUL!† We spent about 4 hours on the beach and played ball, picked up some pebbles, which Zeus helped me carry out in his backpack and I even got a piece of driftwood for my garden.† As you can see the dogs just LOVE the beach!† Below are pictures of dogs and cats.† Peía and Hiva, the two black dogs in these pictures are our foster dogs.† They are just over 1 year old, both are spayed, Housetrained as well as kennel trained, and current on their shots.† They need good homes of their own.† Peía loves to play ball, Hiva just wants to be beside you

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Here are pictures of the deer in the front yard one day.† I was sitting on the front porch taking these pictures.† This female in the sun walked over and posted for me it seemed.† I think maybe she was looking for some apple.† The pictures at the top are another female and her triplets.† They certainly look like triplets!† I must have taken over 100 pictures of the deer while I sat on the front porch!† It was neat!