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MaxEEmillion is the Ambassador of Pi Land Ranch!  He was adopted from the Coos County Animal Shelter in December 2002.  He brings joy to our lives each and every day!  He is the happiest dog ever!  He is perfect to us despite what some people would call his birth defect.  See all his photos, from baby to adult and current!  He always has a BIG SMILE on his face like this!

Baby Maxee      More Maxee     MaxEE Pi

Right, is Circee, our first dog.  She’s a beautiful sweet girl!  We ended up with her father six months after we got her as a reward for returning her father to his owners.    See more Circee!

Left, is Zeus, Circee’s biological father.  He was afraid of everything when we first got him!   See more Zeus!

Left is Princess Yoki, she is retired after being rescued from the animal shelter.  She is a very sweet quiet girl and we love her very much!

Right is Lytee, he is Chewee’s best friend!  He is a Doxie/Chihuahua mix who ran away from home all the time before he came here.  He’s a sweetie!

Yoki        Lytee

To the Left is Chewee, because he was a fear biter and tries to chewee on youee!  This is a joke with us.  We guess his birthday to be Apr 2004. 

To the Right is ToxEEmillion!  She’s a character and then some!  She’s also been rescued and has only one eye!  We tell her everyday you must “Hug the Pug!” 

Chewee       Toxee

To the Left, is Jojo.  He came to us in 2006 at 18 years of age!  He’s our old man and is happy most of the time, he has his grouchy moments!

To the Right, are the girls, Hiva, Pe’a and Sammy are our grandpuppies, born in June 2003.  See more on their page!

Jojo        Girls

More of our cats:

Left is Shado, he shares a page with Yeti and Acee.

Right is Tommee, he shares a page with his brother Harree and Odysseus

Yeti, Shado, Acee     Tommee, Harree, Odysseus

More of our cats:

Left is Peeper, she shares a page with Itchee and Mini.

Right is Buckee, he shares a page with his three brothers, Zippee, Flappee and Whitee!

Mini, Peeper, Itchee     Buck, Flap, Whitee, Zippee

Some of our cats:

Left is Wistee the Wonder Cat!  She weighed less than 8 oz when we got her!  See her story and photos!

Right is Shibbee, she shares a page with Felix, and Archee.  Her back broken when she was a kitten.

Wistee       Shibbee, Felix, Archee

And the Rest

Left are Marsha and Jan, two of our pygmy goats.   We also have Carol and Cindy!  The Brady Bunch girls!   See their stories and photos!

Right is Luv Bug, she shares a page with Missy, these are our two garage cats!

Goat Girls      Luv Bug and Missy



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