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Trying to help the animals who have no way to help themselves!pi land ranch
Wistee, the Wonder Cat!


Shibbee, was born in 2005.  We got her late 2005.  Before we got her she was bit by a dog and her back was broken.  She was 3 months old at the time.  The people who had her took her to the vet, who fixed her back and spayed her.  She was able to use all four legs and feet but unable to control her bladder or bowels.  Because she was young there was hope she would regain control.  The people who had her were unable to keep her because of family health problems.  We took Shibbee since I know how to express the bladder of a cat and who else is going to want to squeeze the pee out of a cat every day for the rest of her life?  We named her Shibbee from the movie Dude, where’s my car?   She is a happy, outspoken cat and purrs after I help her go to the bathroom. 


Felix was brought into the low cost clinic with what looked like a little smokie sausage sticking out where his eye should be.  It was ulcerated and the person who brought him in had no money, just couldn’t stand to see him like that without trying to find someone to help him.  We medicated him and his eye and it receeded back into the socket.  He has not had to have it removed but it is of no use to him and there isn’t much to it!  He is such a big beautiful sweet boy his nickname is Purr Burger cause you just look at him and he begins to purr!  Felix was born in August 2006.


Archee came from the shelter when he was about 4 months old.  He has 22 toes when he should only have 16!  He has 5 toes, front and back on the right and 6 toes, front and back on the left.  I call him my ‘Pizza Maker’, cause he makes bread (kneads) with his big mitts, and looks like he would be great at making pizza.  His birthday is June 2007.                  Watch for more pictures of everyone but especially Archee!