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Trying to help the animals who have no way to help themselves!pi land ranch
pi land ranch

We are not taking more animals that need homes.† However I couldnít leave this old blind and mostly deaf guy on the left at the shelter when no one claimed him and no one wanted him.† Weíve named him Oscar Bobo but he hasnít quite learned it yet.† Heís about 15 years old and is very good and sweet.† I donít understand how someone could dump him after all this time.† He is not a dog that would be easily lost, being blind and mostly deaf but he came into the shelter as a stray from Morgan Vet and no one claimed him.

To the right is Shibbee, our new kitty.† She is a special needs kitty as her back was broken when she was just a kitten by being bitten by a dog.† She can move around and walk but cannot control her bladder, luckily working at the low cost spay/neuter clinic Iíve learned how to express cats bladders and do it for her.† There arenít too many people who would take a cat who canít control her bladder let alone express it for her.† What a kitten she is!