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Trying to help the animals who have no way to help themselves!pi land ranch
pi land ranch



Above and right are pictures from the Black Berry Arts Festival in Downtown Coos Bay.   As you can see it was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed themselves, even Buster Mountaindawg himself!  As you can see him on the stage supervising everyone. 


Left are pictures from the Timber Inn, Labor Day weekend.  A blast was had by all as you can see!  Can’t wait for them to come back again! 

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Below is Buster and below left is Bodie.  Both are Mountaindawgs!  We’ve known both of them since they were pups!

Another special treat about this visit is that they camped out in our backyard for a couple of days and hung out with us as well as giving us a backyard concert while we bar-b-qued which was great fun!  Anyway the other special treat is that Bodie Mountaindawg, pictured to the left conked out in the chair, is a previous foster dog of ours who came out of Coos County Animal Shelter.  We had him for two months and he has a special place in our heart and its wonderful to see a happy tail with a  doggie we were able to help get a good life and he really does have a good life too!  Kudos to his parents!

 Kelly and Joe!