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Wistee, the Wonder Cat!

Here is a whole page of MaxEE pictures.  He is such a ham and so photogenic that I have lots of pictures of him!  Hes such a goofy Marmaduke type dog!  What a Big Baby Boy!

As you can see he is a very happy boy and these pictures need no explanation.  They each speak volumes by themselves!

Deep in thought?NOT!CheeseI love my tire!What do we do now?I love my yard!Watching over the goats!MaxEE and the goats!MaxEE and CindyI love my tire!Play, play, playI love to play!Wanna play?Watching the kittens!Checking on the kittens!Doggie Style!Huuh?I Love My Yard!I love big sticks!Big BabyTime for a napI love big sticks!Woken up by a Cat!SleepyHappy BoyCoPilotBeautiful Boy!Got my pacifierGiraffe MaxEEI'm a tire biter!TIRE BITER!I'm a tire biter!I love to play!I love toys!Can't get me!I'm a player!I love toys!I love toys!

UPDATED: 11/07