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I had a visit at the shelter on 4/22/05 of this Happy Tails Family!  Michelle Parris of Grateful Dogs Rescue who vaccinates,  tests and transports dogs from CCAS to Portland, Oregon Humane Society, brought this dog to CCAS from OHS because they deemed him hard to adopt. Murphy was adopted in September 2004, after Grateful Dogs Rescue had him neutered, and now lives in Montana!  He gets to play in the snow and come back to Coos County to visit and play at the beach!  This is his person and his grandma.  What a great HAPPY TAILS story!  This is what its all about!  Above are a couple of pictures of Murphy in the snow near where he lives!  He looks like he’s having a blast!  What a great HAPPY TAIL!

There were only a couple of dogs at the shelter and when they were taken out to the pen they all played and got along together, with a little supervision.  What a beautiful day for them to be able to get out and enjoy, here are some pictures of how much they enjoyed it!  They speak for themselves.  Special thanks to Grateful Dogs Rescue and Michelle Parris for getting the pen and getting it put up and utilizing it!

Grateful Dogs Rescue

Grateful Dogs Rescue has been helping the dogs at Coos County Animal Shelter for a few years now.  These dogs have been transported to Portland to OHS or to Eugene, or gone to breed rescue or foster homes or even forever homes thanks to GDR.  They all have their own story and deserve a good home.  Because of GDR they’ve gotten a second chance at a good life.    For more on Grateful Dogs Rescue go to their webpage:


Here is Sierra, now in foster care.  Above left, is a picture of her in September when she was taken out of Coos County Animal Shelter.  Above right, is a picture of her at the end of November.  Thanks to Grateful Dogs she had her skin problem treated and she looks much happier!  Her face says it all!

Here is Cain, he was transported by Grateful Dogs Rescue Michelle Parris to Oregon Humane Society in Portland and has gotten the second chance at a great home!

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