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The State of Oregon Veterinary Medical Examining Board has forced the Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic to close. Monday July 9, 2007 was the last day. For more information go to: www.pilandranch.com/SOS.htm

Dr. Powell has been busy writing a book of memoirs of his time spent in Wyoming.  If interested please go to www.authorhouse.com and ask about Wyoming Back Tracks, by Doc Bill Powell, DVM. ISBN book #9781434387486.

Tina, above, before Dr Powell began treating her for her skin problems, with “Revolution”. 

Below are current pictures of what she looks like now.   “Not only has her skin cleared up but she has a much better attitude” Dr Powell says, “because she feels better.”

Here is Sierra, now in foster care.  Left, is a picture of her in September when she was taken out of Coos County Animal Shelter.  Right, is a picture of her at the end of November.  Thanks to Grateful Dogs she had her skin problem treated and she looks much happier!  Her face says it all!    She was treated for her skin at Dr. Powell’s Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic.

Left:      Jesse James with Jacque.  Jesse was saved by Dr. Powell after swallowing a bone which became lodged in his stomach.

Left:    Four kittens delivered by C-section saving them as they were too big for mama to birth.  How amazing is that!  What beautiful newborns! 

Right:    Mama with new puppies.  Mama needed a little help with her delivery.  She was even on the local news!  What a good beautiful mama she is but hopefully after this litter she will be spayed to prevent more pups.

Left:      A dog adopted from the shelter with his new parent.  He looks much better than when he was adopted.  His skin issues have been addressed!  What a good boy he is.   Also his pictures from the shelter.