pi land ranchHAPPY TAILS 2!

I’m starting this page on 4/22/05 because the other Happy Endings page and Happy Tails page are full!  Hope you enjoy these pictures of adopted animals.

Murphy, left and Bear, right both got adopted!

What beautiful boys!

I had a visit at the shelter on 4/22/05 of this Happy Tails Family!  This dog, Murphy was adopted in September 2004 and now lives in Montana!  He gets to play in the snow and come back to Coos County to visit and play at the beach!  This is his person and his grandma.  What a great HAPPY TAILS story!  This is what its all about!  Below are a couple of pictures of Murphy in the snow near where he lives!  He looks like he’s having a blast!  What a great HAPPY TAIL!

Above is Juneau, a beautiful Lab mix neutered male who was adopted from CCAS.  He wasn’t neutered when he was adopted but he is now.  Below are a couple of visitors to CCAS.  These happy dogs were adopted, for a couple of Happy Tails!

More Happy Tails!

Above to the right is Hanz, a shelter adoptee after being neutered at Dr. Powell’s clinic! Above left is a Basset Hound and her new mom, and left is a beautiful boy with his new boy!  What fun they’re going to have!


To all of them and good luck in their new families!


Rusty, a male Shepherd mix.  He’s very happy with his new family!